Accompanied Viewings

Accompanied Viewings

We take all of our prospective tenants to view your property and answer any questions they have about the property and our service. Our Accompanied Viewers go the extra length to make sure they feel confident with our service and your property.

Photography and Marketing

Your dedicated portfolio manager will dress your property and is trained to take the most engaging and attractive photos. By generating such high quality imagery and showing your property off, it’s no wonder our properties spend less time on the market and fetch the best rents!

EPC for London offers Property Photography in London & surrounding area is a highly regarded specialist photography company based in London. Our passion for exceptional property photography, technical knowledge and understanding of the industry has meant that we have established ourselves as one of the market’s leading property photography company in London.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to design a Property Photography In London packages to suit your needs. We are consistently trying to extend the boundaries of what is possible, searching for new technology and professional techniques which enable us to offer the best Photographic Services.


We are available to photograph properties 7 days a week. If you need to make a last-minute booking, then we take calls up to 8pm weekdays.

Professional quality

We prefer to use natural light, resulting in a real representation of a property, combined with engaging composition and technical precision.

Speed of delivery

You can expect to receive your property photos on the same day, often within a few hours for local businesses, so you won’t loseprecious viewing time.

Attention to detail

We provide a free 30 minute consultation for all properties, where we discuss with you the key features and unique selling points.

Results driven

Our high quality photos are proven to increase activity across online property listings, meaning more enquiries and viewings of properties.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Home Legionella Risk Assessment We have teamed up for Domestic & Commercial Legionella Risk Assessment in London and surrounding areas to offer you a fantastic opportunity to get your Legionella Risk Assessment carried out by qualified assessors at a discount cost. Landlords are under duty by Health & Safety Legislation to ensure for combating legionnaires Disease. Health and safety legislation requires owners carry out Legionella Risk Assessment in London for the legionella bacteria which causes legionnaires diseases and thereafter maintain control measures to minimize the risk.

What Is Legionella Disease?

Legionella is flu like disease which also gives the symptoms of intense form of pneumonia. This disease is spread from a bacteria ‘Legionella’ that grow in water systems including domestic hot & cold water system. The legionella bacteria transfers in a human being through the droplets of contaminated water and otherwise this disease is not contagious and does not pass on from person to person. However, if left untreated the bacteria can cause severe infections in the respiratory tract and can be fatal so the Legionella risk assessment is now necessary for the landlords and property managers. Our experienced team of Property Service Consultants will carry out these services at your convenience thoroughly and efficiently, guaranteeing that your rental complies with the law and best practice.