Commercial EPC in Dunstable

What do you mean by EPC?

EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is somewhat similar to the energy labels you see on your vehicles and domestic appliances. Have you seen the multi-colored sticker on your refrigerator? That is the energy label we are talking about. Like the sticker shows you the energy rating of the appliance, this is the certificate which provides the energy rating of your property.

Generally the rating of the certificate lies between A to G. A building which acquires an A rating uses less energy and has a greater efficiency output whereas a building with G rating has a low level of energy. In easy words, the more efficient your building is in terms of energy, the less fuel bills you’ll have to encounter. The rating is based on the evaluation of heat, light and ventilation.

Tips to improve your EPC in Dunstable:

To make your life easier for you, we have compiled the important tips for you to improve the EPC rating for your property. By following these useful tips, you will be able to upgrade the rating of your commercial property. You can have an extraordinary Commercial EPC in Dunstable.

Check Your Insulation:

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your property, make sure that the insulation of your property is not more than 270mm. Keep a check on the wall insulation and floor insulation of your house to maintain the required level of insulation.

Pay Attention To Draft Proofing:

This is a very useful tip to improve the EPC rating of your property in Dubstable. If you want to have an exception Commercial EPC in Dunstable, make sure that you check the air escaping from places in your building. Check the letter box the windows. Check the gaps on the walls. By filling the gaps on the walls you can improve the air escaping from your property.

Check the Cavity Wall Insulation:

You have to keep an eye on what lies within the walls of your property. There might be fungus or molds stuck in your walls. If you don’t know how to evaluate the cavity wall insulation of your building, you can find a way to find out the evaluation of cavity wall insulation. In this way you will be able to upgrade the EPC in Dunstable property.

Improve the lighting system of your house:

Just a simple routine of switching off unnecessary lights helps you improve the EPC in Dunstable. Lights consume energy and heat. Therefore, you need to make sure that they consume less of it. You can use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to improve the efficiency of your property.

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