Why Commercial EPC is Significant For The Businesses?

Residential EPC Is Significant For The Property Owners
April 29, 2019
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July 5, 2019

Why Commercial EPC is Significant For The Businesses?

Either it is specifically about commercial EPC in Milton Keynes or EPC in general, it facilitates in improving the energy efficiency of any building and at the same time reducing its emission of carbon dioxide. A commercial EPC is the one that is suggested for the commercial building via highly qualified non domestic energy assessor. It is done once an exhaustive inspection of the building has been done.

It includes inspection of several dimensions of the building including the electrical as well as mechanical fitting, fabrics, etc. A commercial EPC in Milton Keynes will provide energy efficiency rating along with the recommendation report that has measures to improve the EPC score. An EPC is usually valid for ten years. The ratings range between “A” to “G”, where A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient.

How a commercial EPC is different from residential EPC?

An EPC for a commercial building is an exhaustive activity as compared to the domestic one. It can be complicated for such building like factories having different parts meant for different functions. Similarly shops may have individual areas for warehouse while rooms in a hotel can be of different sizes. Hence the inspection takes longer time in case of commercial buildings as compared to the residential ones.

Why commercial EPC is significant?

One of the primary reasons is to cut the cost and overheads as much as possible. A commercial EPC is useful in indicating the overall energy efficiency of the building. It also provides recommendations about improving the efficiency. Implementing these recommendations, a commercial building can reduce the emission of carbn dioxide and enhance the energy efficiency.

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