EPC in Watford

Residential EPC in Watford

It is a must to have an EPC in Watford for your house. This is a kind of certificate which shows the energy performance of your house. It shows the relevant details to the potential buyers of your house about its energy efficiency.

Just like the multi-colored labels on electronics and domestic appliances, this is a label for your house which shows its energy efficiency. The products which have the quality standard labels show that they are made from exceptional materials. Similarly the houses with a good rating of energy performance show that the energy efficiency of the building is exceptional.

Energy Performance Certificates are issued by registered assessors. These are the assessors which are experience and qualified. They have the certification to give you the energy performance evaluation against your house. You must have a Residential EPC in Watford from a qualified assessor to show the energy rating of your property.

The energy performance certificate gives you the rating showing the energy efficiency of the building. It also show the environmental impact of the resources used in the building. The environmental impact and energy-efficiency is measured on a scale from A to G ranking. A is the most extraordinary and G is the least efficient.

When do you require a Residential EPC in Watford?

An Energy Performance Certificate, also known as EPC in Watford, is required when you construct, build or rent a new house:

  • This standardized legal document is required since 6 th April 2008 for non-dwelling buildings which have an area of more than 10,000 sq. meter
  • This legal document is necessary since 1 July 2008 for buildings which have a non-dwelling area more than 2500 sq. meter

If you are advertising your property for sale since 9 January 2013, you need to make sure that you advertise the EPC rating with it. You don’t have to advertise the whole document, but you have to show your rating of the house in the advertisement which is from A-G.

The Residential EPC in Watford is valid for a period of 10 years. You can use your EPC certificate for a number of times during this period. No matter where you need this certificate, you can submit a copy of it. However, if you need to market your property after the expiry of this certificate, you’ll have to get a new certificate from the registered authorities.

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